Silva Mirzoian –
Author/Lifestyle Developer

A successful lifestyle & property developer who has transformed her life and the lives of many through her thought
provoking events, videos/shows and speaking engagement.
Author of “Jump-Start Your Life” book and programs is passionate about inspriing her audiance with the steps to awaken
the 4 Inner Tools to implement the Law of Attraction.
Author/Business & Personal Coach/Trainer/Speaker/Real Estate Broker, Property & Lifestyle Developer/Producer teaches:
The T.E.A.R Formula – Law of Attraction Simplified
Power of Femininity – Living Your Best Life At Any Age
How To Jump-Start Your Life – Personal Awakening
Leading her audiance to many AHA moments. To learn more about Silva and her productions, visit here. 

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 Dr. Robert J. Joseph, DPM

A leading Southern California surgical podiatrist specializing in ankle sprain repair, plantar fasciitis, neuroma repair,
hammer toe and bunion correction. As the largest growing podiatrist in the elderly care population.
Dr Joseph is catering to his clients with podiatric issues, from San Jose to San Diego.
Practices: Stem cells /“blood cells for osteochodrsl defects or degenerative Joint diseas:
Platelet rich plasma injections to relieve planter fasciitis, tendinitis or any ankle inflammation:
The goal for his pratients  is to increase the range of motion and decreased pain to make the patient have a more
productive life. Giving them a better functional life with minimal downtime, less destruction of tissue and trauma to
the foot or ankle during surgery, and a faster rehabilitation.
Together with Dr. Randall, they have made an amazing team where they take care of bone/Joints and soft tissue, tendon,
nerve and ligaments with a minimal invasive approach .

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Dr. Martina R Randall, DPM

A Podiatry Specialist in California. Graduated with honors from Temple University School Of Medicine. Diverse experiences, especially in PODIATRY.
Affiliated with Hemet Valley Medical Center, cooperates with many other doctors and specialists without joining any medical groups.
An expert in bone work, with  implants, fusions or fractures. Specializes in foot, ankle, and lower leg surgery.
Emphasis on fore-foot, rear-foot and ankle trauma and reconstruction. Sports medicine foot and ankle surgery with direct affiliation
with 3 major sports teams, colleges, and high school athletes.
Avid arthroscopist, but enjoys trauma/reconstruction, total joint replacement(including the ankle), and elective procedures.
Practice with sprains, ruptures, tendinitis, fractures, and other foot and ankle pain due to bunions, flatfeet, and arthritis.
Dr. Randall received double board certification in Foot surgery and Reconstructive ankle surgery from the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery.
Constantly educating hereself with new methods and  giving back by educating the next generation. Serves as an adjunct professor at Western University College of Health Sciences.

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