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To Book Silva For Your Next Event

                                          Pre-Program Questionnaire
In order to prepare for your presentation, please complete only the areas that relates to your need and return this form no later than three weeks prior to your event. I look forward to hearing from you!


Company Name:          
Your Name:      
Email Address:           

What product, service or program are you interested in?


General Background Information:

1. What is your company’s/association’s mission statement or vision?

2. What is your organization’s major strength? What makes your organization unique?
If applicable, what is your organization’s competitive edge?


3. What are some of the current problems or challenges experienced by your industry/organization/people?


4. What are the most significant events to have occurred in your industry, group, or organization during the past year? (mergers, relocations,
cutbacks, new product or service, legislation, etc ).


1. What are your specific objectives for my session? What three things would you
like the audience to walk away with?





2. Are there any issues/topics in particular that you think I should discuss during my program? Key issues to avoid (if any)? Are there any subjects, words, phrases or concepts that people are negative about and should be avoided.

Is there a theme or slogan you want repeated, or used as a theme, in my presentation?

4. Program Mix: How much???

% Motivation:

% How to/Nuts & Bolts:

% Humor:




1. How many people will be in the audience? Can you be more specific as to the % breakdown of the audience (males/females, rank within the profession or company, level of sophistication, average age, ranges of age, etc.)

2. Would you describe your group as:
(Select all that apply)


willing to participate


open and cooperative



high ego strength

Other descriptions?




3. Can you supply me with a “day-in-the-life-of” example of someone who best represents this audience? Or can you give me the names and phone numbers of other people whom I might contact?




Helpful Information

1. What did your group like about the speakers they’ve heard in the past? What did they not like? Why did you select me?

2. How will this program be advertised and participants recruited? Voluntary or mandatory attendance?

3. Please send any information (annual reports, newsletters, etc.) which will provide a better
understanding of your organization, its products, and its people. All promotional materials, memos, etc. related to this presentation would also be very helpful.

4. Final thought — what did I not ask that you think I should know?

Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.


(NOTE:  Your personal information will never be sold, shared or disclosed.  Your privacy is respected at all times.)


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