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*Do You Have Ideas That You Would Like to Turn Into Profits But Not Sure How?
*Are You Feeling Overwhelmed & Confused About The Direction Your Life Is Going?
*Are You Ready To Step Into Your Greatness?


 No matter what your circumstances are now, anything and everything you wish to create in your life is
completely possible.


Hi, I am Silva Mirzoian, author of
"Jump-Start Your Life" -
7 steps to waking up from
"The Sleep Walking Mode
& Entrepreneur."


This book itself is a true testament of how one can face their fears, and walk through it to fulfill their dreams.

"Never Give Up On Your Dreams!!"

Take It From Someone Who Spent Most of Her Life In The Sleep-Walking Mode...
She Had Lost Everything But One Thing
 That Turned Her Life Around!


  • Challenges are overwhelming and just don't know how to get your head above water

  • You feel like you're constantly "SPINNING your WHEELS" and not moving forward in your life 

  • You have ideas that you want to turn into reality but just don't have the money to do it

  • You PROCRASTINATE on important decisions and miss opportunities as you wait for that next big thing to come your way

  • You REACT to your day instead of planning it thoughtfully, so your hours are spent PUTTING OUT FIRES, and the important exciting stuff you REALLY want to achieve is once more pushed aside

  • You've disconnected from friends and your PASSIONS and are just trying to fit in

  • You expect things to CHANGE in your life when you haven't changed your negative habits and thinking style

If you recognize yourself in any of these examples, the good news is, you're not alone. The sad part is, it's actually no surprise that this happens. From the day we start school until we enter the working world, we are groomed to work within a structured system. In fact, here's an amazing revelation for most of us: since age FIVE, someone else has told us tried to design our life based on their own dreams, not ours.

NOWHERE have we been taught that we already have all that we need to overcome obstacles and fears in life so we can build our own success!

"At the height of my successful career I began to feel a huge void in my life and once I finally woke up from my own sleep walking mode, my entire life changed." Silva Mirzoian

For a limited time only, Silva is making her
 "Jump-Start Your Life

" - 7 Steps to Waking Up From The Sleep-Walking Mode book available for A Special Price Offer. This is limited time offer until 10/14/2014.

Yes... Special Price Offer! It is Silva's celebration of life gift to you.
 The teachings of this book turned her life around and we are sharing it here
with you.


Get Your Own Copy of The "Jump-Start Your Life

" Book



Discover What Is That One Thing
That Can Transform Your Life...
Here is a hint...You Already Have.

This book will open up your mind and heart to all of your possibilities..

Choose the power of change!

The power to reconnect with your perfect self!

If you are looking for a personal guide book that will awaken your spirit and guide you towards the step-by-step method that can help you realize your every dream, then this is a must read.

A book that will teach you:
  • How to see the solutions within your challenges,
  • How to make friends with your fears;
  • How to re-awaken your inner tools to empower your journey towards building your healthy & wealthy lifestyle;
  • How to choose to win and claim your greatness;
  • How to create more wealth & happiness by being your powerful self;
  • How to trust your inner thoughts and beliefs to turn your ideas into reality
  • How to find joy after unhappy marriages or relationships
  • How to define your success path in life
  • How to re-awaken your inner most passionate dreams & finally give yourself the permission to BE.

This book is based on Silva's true life story and it will inspire you to take the first step to reclaiming your perfect life. It helps you overcome your fears, change your habits and finally take constructive steps towards creating a better future.

Whether you want to start a new career, business or a new lifestyle, the steps and tools in the book will give you the confidence to move forward.


“Jump-Start Your Life

’’ helped me realize my dream!”

~Nichole Anna L,

“Your teaching helped me ignite passion back again”

 ~Jose M. Alfaro, Independent Broker

"I had lost my job, my boyfriend, lost hope, and faith then decided to take your course. Through that difficult time you inspired me to take control of my financial independence and helped me buy my own condo...and now I have started my own business!  Thank you Silva!"

 ~C. Lab, Entrepreneur



Your Own Copy of The
"Jump-Start Your Life
" Book*



About Silva?

Silva is a self-made successful entrepreneur who began her journey with many challenges including zero money after a divorce from an abusive marriage. She has been recognized and honored consistently:

  • Creator of Silva the Genie Comic book and the Inspirational Talking doll
  • Awarded "Advocate Business Woman of the Year"  by the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
  • "Leader in The Real Estate Industry" Award by the Los Angeles Business Journal
  • Featured on Fox Magazine Show
  • General Contractor & Real Estate Broker of her own company
  • Listed in The World's Who is Who of Women Directory
  • Worked with Al Gore on the Inconvenient Truth message
  • Producer of  "Gang of Hope" videos for children
  • General Contractor and Designer for Green Properties
  • Producer of Jump-Start Your Life TV Shows on LA Cable Channel
  • Talk Show host on KRLA 870AM
  • Past Board Member of LAUSD Adopt-A-School program
  • Affiliated with General Colin Powell's Americas Promise Alliance - For Children's Better Education

Get your copy of this inspirational step-by-step book, where you will learn: 

  • why NOW is the BEST time to take control of your income and future, more than ever before

  • the 4 INNER TOOLS that you were born with (these are the power behind creating your perfect lifestyle)

  • the 5 costly mistakes you may be making right now when trying to transform your life and business

  • 7 steps that you can use to take control back of your path (and we'll show you how to implement these, step by step)

  • Create habits that allow you to think "having it all" instead of "not failing"

    • How to balance your work with personal life

    • Secure the techniques of making decisions with love instead of fear foundation

    It's time that you stopped living in the bands of the hurricanes, always stuck in turmoil and going around in circles.




Get Your Own Copy of The
"Jump-Start Your Life®" Book*




By embracing and acknowledging where you are in life, establishing a plan and taking actions that are outlined in Silva's book, you will pull through any unexpected event or stressful situations.

Every morning you have a choice - either to create life or do life! You can choose the power to change and reconnect with your Perfect Self. This book will awaken your spirit and guide you step-by-step in realizing your most passionate dreams.

You know that you have gifts, talents and abilities to change your life, but are afraid to move forward. The book will guide you every step of the way through my words, examples and life experiences. It will truly set you on the path of greatness!

As an added bonus, Silva will send you her 30 day blue print to success workbook.

This is a 30 day plan to connect to your 4 inner tools of success:

  1. Your Mind - it holds your power to create the vision of your dream lifestyle, the focus on action plan and the attitude for success 
  2. Your Spirit - it holds your power of your inner gifts, talents, abilities, love, faith and hope for your perfect lifestyle
  3. Your Body - it holds your power to move you through your journey of life
  4. Your Social Environment - it holds your power to choose who will influence your journey to change!

And if that wasn't enough, you will also receive Silva's new Turning An Idea into Profit$ E-book.

Now you have the tools to "Jump-Start Your Life"


If you have the PASSION to do something differently - even once - you'll get a different result!

% of net proceeds are donated to non profit charities for children empowerment programs and Cancer treatments.


Here is to living your dream lifestyle

Silva Mirzoian

P.P. S. Check out my website  http://www.silvamirzoian.com/ for other resources.


































































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 “My life came to a screeching halt
   due to the recent financial crisis.
   Due to loss of income I came
   close to losing my house. Silva
   was able to transform my life by
   helping me see the possibilities in
   With a structured blueprint, I was
   able to not only save my house,
   but expand my career too.”

   ~Dr. V. Camparini

   “I heard Silva speak last night, and
    I highly recommend that every
    woman and child should listen to
    the insight that Silva has to share.”

   ~ Barbara Niven

"I really appreciated you taking
 time to share your stories and experiences. It helps to know
 that even though you are successful,  you have had your challenges  and overcame them."

~Marcia Ross

"Your book helped me take a serious look at my life. I am now taking care of myself physically. I am taking serious steps in my life to balance myself mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.  I thank God for Silva!"
~Sherry P.



"I mainly learned to eliminate fear of losing relationships. I am today the person I am willing to be."
~Sybil S.

"You helped me develop a positive outlook on what I plan to achieve in life. I have learned to take one step at a time and stay focused on my future as well as what I need to do first in achieving my goal.  The sessions have also helped me to realize that anything that you really want, you can get. Thank you Silva, you are very special."
~Norma D

"I have greatly enjoyed reading
Silva's book. I have found it
motivating and it made me aware
of the 'sleepwalking mode'. I believe that her leadership skills are a benefit to all that hear her, she is a gift from God and a blessing."
~Rachel S

"I was attracted to this book by the phrase "waking up from the sleep walking mode", as it struck a chord in me. Working 9 to 5, living for weekends and vacations just seems like sleep walking... at least to me. Siva's approach to "waking up" is simple, direct, honest and practical. It has given me a more clarified sense of purpose and meaning. I wish I would have read it 20 years ago! I would recommend it for everyone!"
~T. EngleI

"I think the Silva has managed to "coin a phrase" with "jump start your life". I think everyone at one time or another has had to jump start their automobiles. Well, that analogy really works for me. It's synonymous with being "born again". I think this book is of real value to all those who read it."
~Pamela Tinsley

Featured In:

Fox News

Texas Realtors

"Are you ready to living the possibility of a greater purpose?

"Do you want to be an inspiring role model for what can be?

Or do you want to continue to blame others for your suffering?






























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