"The Sky's the Limit" After School Program 

   Life development/wealth building programs addresses
the following questions:

                                                                Who am I?

Where am I going?
    & How do I get there?


•Class 1: Who are you and what can you achieve? We are all different and unique. Understanding who you are, what your potential and possibilities in life are & knowing what tools you already have to help you create your perfect life. Identifying your tools to success - you already have what it takes. Mind, Body, Social & Spiritual tools. How to mix your academic learning with everyday life.
•Class 2: What tools do you have for success? What is success & how to create it. The foundation of your wealth and success is within. This is where the  real you lives. Your self esteem and confidence level starts here. Love your life. Learn how to stay awake and connected with your talents, gifts and abilities. Goal setting, 
•Class 3:  What can your mind do? – It can build you up or demolish you. Thoughts lead to actions, learn how to filter negative thoughts out of your life. Success is a result of your own feelings, thoughts and actions. Learn about the T.E.A.R Formula to success. Learn the action plan to turning your dreams into reality.
•Class 4: Building leadership skills.– To see it is to have it – Define your success & start planning NOW! Allow your tools to find the ways to turn your dreams into reality. Understanding the formula of success, being responsible for your actions.
How to claim your life and start living it – You have your success – You choose to claim it – learn the art of giving & sharing. Discover what role you play in the big world and how you can influence change.
•Class 5: What does school have to do with your future life? Everything & nothing. Mixing academic teachings with everyday life, making friends, cultivating mentors, the importance of commitment, respect, love.
How to deal with challenges & build your financial future? Today’s situation is tomorrows advancement, foundation for a strong and solid future. Learn about finance, credit score, budgeting, building your assets starting now. How to manage your money, your time and go on to build your career and own your own home.  
•Class 6: How can your attitude change your altitude? – Communicating your way to wealth –– Attitude can open doors or close them shut, overcome peer pressure, learn how forgiving yourself and others can empower you to personal success.
What is social etiquette – Who you know & what will people say. Cultures, traditions & beliefs: Acceptance & tolerance. Learn how to be comfortable when around other people, how to talk socially with others, behave in public, eat at a public social function and much more...
•Class 7: Your body and how it can help your journey to success – Is that You in the mirror? How does it influence Your life and how to take care of it so it can take you through your life.
•Class 8: Family, friends ...what's that all about? – Your true wealth in life – Grounding source and the foundation of your long term success at life. Recognizing that you are all on the same side, Yours.
•To be or not be friends? – Understand the power of your friends, they can take you up or down, just like an elevator. Be in the position to choose them instead of them choosing you.
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